Our Story

Everyone has a story and each of your stories are unique and important.  Every story deserves to be told and documented for you to reflect on in your lifetime and for those that will follow you.

We choose to document the moments that are important to you through photography and share them with you digitally, through print and social media.  We strive to document your story as naturally as possible, encouraging you to love on each other in the process. It is important to us to build and maintain authentic, positive relationships with the people whose stories we have been asked to tell, which we believe gives people the space to purely be themselves in front of our cameras.

No matter what the final product – digital files, prints, canvas wall art, or an album – we hope that these objects will serve as a portal back to that part of your story.  It is our hope that these images will keep telling your story for generations to come.

To see our boudoir work, head to our boudoir website.

While we have several amazing photographers that work within the Story Photographer’s team, you can see Rebecca’s work here and April’s work here.

As always, thank you for the honor of telling your story!



As photographers of people, we each bring who we are to the creative experience we have with you.

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